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Understanding the Development of Agency Performance Management Systemsdatabase compujter

Researchers at the University of Chicago and Chapin Hall would like to better understand your agency’s experience in developing systems to understand and improve your practice and outcomes. The development and use of these performance management systems is poorly understood. We would like your perspectives to help fill in that gap and to make informed policy and practice recommendations to the field.

What we are seeking to understand how you use information to make sense of your program’s work, and how to improve it. This includes:

  • Understanding how performance management capabilities develop over time
  • Understanding what facilitates the development of performance management capabilities
  • Understanding what challenges are encountered in developing performance management systems

Because this study is about understanding the development of these systems, we are looking for agencies in all stages of developing performance management systems.

The study involves:

  • A review of documents regarding your agency’s formal and informal use of information to improve practice
  • A short on-site visit and structured conversations with stakeholders important to the development and use of performance management systems
  • Brief follow-up calls or e-mails based on what we learn from the one-day visit

We offer the following to participating agencies:

  • A $1000.00 stipend to minimize any costs to staff time associated with study activities
  • A summary of your current performance management capabilities, including:
    • What has helped developed your current performance management capabilities
    • What other agencies have found aids their development when at a similar stage
  • A final report describing findings across study sites, including policy and practice recommendations for the effective ongoing development of performance management capabilities
  • The opportunity to help shape researchers’, policymakers’, and other agencies’ understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with developing performance management capabilities

We’d love to talk to you! If you’re interested or would like to learn more, please contact Nathaniel (Nate) Israel at or Curtis McMillen at  


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