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This page includes materials to teach quality monitoring and improvement to social service professionals. They are the materials I use to  teach a course on this topic at the University of Chicago's School of Social Service Administration. These materials were created with the intention of sharing them with others who are interested in teaching similar courses in quality in academic or agency settings. This page only includes resources created by our group at the University of Chicago. It does not include any other resources created by other folks. You can also use the resources included on other pages in this website.

Some of this work was supported by a grant from the Center for Health Administration Studies at the University of Chicago through the Scholar Network to Advance Quality Service.

The course I teach is divided into parts and modules. There is a pdf for each module, which corresponds to slides used in the course I teach. The blue links are to the pdf documents.

Thanks -- Curtis McMillen

Working syllabus

Part I: The Quality Profession

Quality: What is it

History of the Quality Profession

The Quality Profession Today

Part II: Monitoring Social Service Agencies for Quality

Quality Monitoring:Performance Management Systems, Dasboards and the like

Quality Monitoring: Surveys and chart review technologies

Quality Monitoring: Understanding Variation and other topics

Other teaching resources for teaching monitoring

Mega-Monitoring Assignment Example 1 by Danielle Kurpad and Curtis McMillen

Mega Monitoring Project Example 2 by Paige Azuma

quality checklist for assessment and tx plans


Part III: Improving Quality

Quality Improvement part 1: Frameworks, Cycles, and Teams

Quality Improvement part 2:  Tools

Quality Improvement part 3: Generating Improvement Ideas

Quality Improvement part 4: Thinking Lean

Quality Improvement part 5: Implementation

Part IV: Culture of Quality

Culture of quality

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