Six Things I Learned By Teaching Quality Monitoring and Improvement to Social Work Students

1. Social work students intuitively understood that the social service agencies they loved had quality problems. Every one I know in the social services understands this. But few talk about it.¬† These students knew the arenas in which their agencies … Continue reading

Teaching Quality Improvement to Social Service Students

Update 2 from my pilot course on Quality Monitoring and Improvement for the Social Services: It was great fun watching social service students catch on to the idea of improvement cycles, charters, and how to know if your change is … Continue reading

Quality Management for the Social Services: Keeping it Simple Enough (the updated version of Keeping it Simple Stupid)

Last year, the ASQ journal Quality Progress published an article on the 7 new quality tools, meant as an update to the 7 classic quality tools known to many quality professionals (affinity diagrams, tree diagrams, interrelationship digraphs, process decision program … Continue reading

If healthcare isn’t getting better, do we stand a chance in the social services?

The current issue of Quality and Safety in Healthcare contains an incisive¬†editorial by Kaveh Shojania and Eric Thomas about why the QI field has not been able to demonstrate widespread improvements in patient safety as a result of their efforts. … Continue reading

Challenges to Professional Quality Management in the Social Services

Lack of money and time. Lack of buy-in. Competing demands. Lack of training and skills. Lack of authority. Lack of research capacity. Ever-changing requirements from accreditors, funders and licensing bodies. These were the major challenges reported by 16 quality professionals … Continue reading