Quality social service matters, to people in need and to societies harnessing scarce resources. This web site is for professionals striving to improve the quality of the social service enterprise. This includes quality improvement professionals working in the social services, agency administrators recently promoted into a quality role, administrators wanting to harness the power of performance measurement and quality improvement, policymakers who strive to hold social service agencies accountable, and academics in fields such as public administration, social work or management who want to teach quality management to their students.

Use the menu above to find links to find resources on quality improvement and performance measurement, implementation science, and teaching performance measurement and quality improvement, and to listen to experts in the quality field, learn about new opportunities and read the qualitysocialservice.com blog.

The website's host and occasional blogger is Curtis McMillen, a Professor at the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago. The website is fueled by, but not funded by grants from the Center for Health Administration Studies at the University and the Chapin Hall Center for Children, an affiliate at the University of Chicago. But none of these entities is responsible for the content on this site.



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