Learning QI Through Wikipedia

Wikipedia-logo-deThere are lots of resources out there for the budding quality professional in the social services to get some quality game. Social service folks are always looking for the cheap way to do things. There is no cheaper way to learn than Wikipedia.

Luckily, our quality brothers and sisters in other fields have been judicious arbiters of the Wikipedia quality space. There are entries related to lots of quality topics. We started a list of quality-related Wikipedia links on our resources page. There are lots of reasons to visit them. If you are truly new to quality, this is not a bad way to get introduced to the wide variety of topics in which quality professions develop expertise. If you know lots, but fear there is much more to know, go exploring. If you want to suggest links you use, peruse our list and help us fill in the blanks.

We provide our beginning list here, below the jump. If you want the most updated list, head to the resources page, where we will update with new entries.

Here are some wikipedia links on the gurus of quality science.

Phillip Crosby

W. Edwards Deming

Joseph Juran

Kaoru Ishikawa

Here are some tools to get you started on how to monitor for quality in the social services.

Performance Dashboards

Balanced Scorecards

Pareto CharstPositive Deviance

Trend Analysis

Run Chart

(Statistical) Control Chart

Here are some wikipedia entries related to improving quality.



Root Cause Analysis

5 Whys

Fishbone (Ishikawa) Diagram

Process Flow Diagram

Lean Services


Six Sigma

Total Quality Management


SWOT Analysis

Here are some wikipedia entries related to cultures that work to enhance quality.

Safety Culture

High Reliability Organization


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